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Penn Environmental Health & Radiation Safety (EHRS) Health and Safety team is available to assist with locating and working with Postdocs in their schools, centers, and departments to provide ergonomic support for them in the laboratoryin the office, and at home

To contact the ergonomists in EHRS please visit their webpage here.

If you are interested in evaluating office chairs or computer workstation accessories (mice, keyboard trays, standing workstations), you will be asked to make an appointment to visit the EHRS ergonomics room. EHRS has a variety of equipment to try. While we do not purchase chairs or equipment, we can provide cost and vendor information. 

If you are interested in a workstation evaluation, you will be asked to provide one or more photos of you working at your desk. A picture should show your posture while typing/mousing and is best demonstrated from the side.  Pictures should include your total profile from head to toe if possible. Please include any details about your health concerns in the form below.  An ergonomist will review the photos and provide recommendations. In some instances, an office visit is necessary and will be scheduled.

Please allow a week for feedback from EHRS as staff may be auditing, training, or not available immediately.

Please note that material manual handling training is now available in video format through Workday Learning.  “Protecting Your Back” can be self-assigned by typing the title into the “Browse Learning Content” box on your Workday Learning page.