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Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep a copy of my application?

Yes. After completing the application, you will be able to download in a single file your uploaded application.

Will I be able to see the letters of reference and mentorship letters that are submitted in support of my application?

You will not be able to review the reference or mentor letters.

Will I receive notification when my reference and mentor letters have been submitted?

You will receive an email notification when each of your reference/mentor letters has been submitted.

Will I receive email notification that my application is complete?

Your application will be considered complete after the reference letters and mentor letters are received.

How many Fellowships are awarded annually?

Penn and CHOP review the applications separately and make decisions independently. At Penn, the number of Fellowships varies from year to year but generally, there are from seven to ten. CHOP awards four fellowships.

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