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Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) Fellows Program


The PCI Fellows program offers a competitive and paid internship opportunity within one of the most successful academic technology commercialization offices globally. The program is open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and, in select cases, junior research staff at Penn and provides participants with an opportunity to work alongside licensing experts in diverse areas such as life sciences, physical sciences, and medical devices.

Program Components

  1. Apprenticeship: serving as a PCI Fellow allows you to play a vital role in technology commercialization, significantly supporting patenting and licensing decisions that are made by PCI leaderships. The hands-on involvement in transforming innovations into market-ready products is instrumental in driving technological advancements.
  2. Education: PCI Fellows participate in a comprehensive training workshop and receive personalized mentoring, which prepares them for their apprenticeship roles. This experience is designed to develop their skills as professionals in technology commercialization, effectively shaping their career paths in this dynamic field.
  3. Monthly Meetings: These meetings allow Fellows to network, address program questions, and discover various career opportunities in Technology Innovation. They also interact with former Fellows, who have progressed in their careers and provide insights and advice to newcomers.


We seek engaged, scientifically-trained individuals from all Penn schools, particularly those with:

  • UPenn affiliation.
  • Strong scientific background.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Notable academic performance.
  • Keen interest in technology innovation.

Program Requirements and Commitments

PCI Fellows are expected to approach their roles with a professional business mindset, ensuring a commitment to quality and efficiency in all aspects of their involvement. Specifically, they are required to:

  • Engage fully in the initial in-person training sessions.
  • Commit to a one-year tenure, with the option to extend their participation.
  • Dedicate up to 10 hours each week to assigned projects, mirroring a business-like work ethic.
  • Attend monthly training meetings to enhance their professional development and network.
  • Adhere to strict project deadlines, reflecting the rigor and discipline expected in a business setting.