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Penn Green Labs Program

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Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows are eligible to participate in Penn’s Green Labs Program which aims to improve safety and sustainability through educating and empowering lab personnel on best practices in labs. The Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety and the Penn Sustainability Office collaboratively support the Green Labs Program at Penn.

Penn has over 676 labs in over 30 buildings and has an expanding lab footprint, including Chemistry, Engineering, and Medicine. Each of these labs presents significant opportunities to optimize labs for safety and sustainability. Penn’s Green Labs Program aims to support the lab community in achieving these savings.

The Green Labs Program can provide support and resources for the following:

  • Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Program
  • Penn Freezer Challenge
  • Reusable Sharps Container Program
  • Lab Supplies and Equipment Disposal
  • EHRS Chemical Inventory
  • Green Labs Working Group

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Related FAQs

Am I eligible for commuter benefits?

As of July 1, 2023, postdoctoral researchers and fellows can enroll in benefits. If you enroll in July, your commuter benefits will be available in August. Postdocs are also eligible for parking but they will need to apply and there may be a waitlist. Find more information here.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the Penn Postdoc Benefits Plan?

All postdoctoral researchers and fellows are typically eligible for benefits through Penn and NRSA Fellows are eligible for benefits through Gallagher Services. Exceptions to this eligibility rule are rare. If you are uncertain of your funding source, please contact your department or the school’s business administrator.

Is benefits enrollment required for all postdocs?

Yes. You must participate by either enrolling or waiving benefits in Workday. This is required during your onboarding process and each year during open enrollment.

What benefits are available to postdocs?

Postdoctoral Researchers and Fellows are eligible for the Penn Postdoc Benefits plan. NRSA Fellows are eligible for benefits through Gallagher Services.

What happens to my benefits if funding for my postdoc position changes?

If your funding changes from NRSA to non-NRSA funding (or vice versa) you will need to switch benefits plans. You will be contacted by either Penn HR through Workday or Gallagher Benefits Services, depending on whether your support will be from NRSA or Non NRSA funds.

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