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New postdocs will receive onboarding information via emails from the business administrator in their school, center, department, lab, etc. once their appointment has been confirmed.

Once the new postdoc has completed the necessary paperwork and submitted it to their Business Administrator, the new postdoc will receive information via emails generated by Workday, Penn’s human resources and financial processes platform. These emails will provide on-boarding instructions, including instructions on how to make an appointment at Onboard@Penn, which will facilitate the process of payroll form completion.

When visiting the Onboard@Penn Center, new PDTs should bring all personal identification documents (passport, etc.), as well as a copy of their offer letter. Non-Resident Aliens should refer to the Onboard@Penn site for a list of required documents. Please note that new regulations require that all new employees must present a social security card for photocopying and submission to the Penn records office. Please consult with the Onboard@Penn Center if a social security card/number is not available.

Postdocs are paid monthly, on the last weekday of each month.

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Are postdocs eligible for moving expenses reimbursement?

The University does not reimburse postdocs for relocation expenses. However, an incoming postdoc may negotiate for reimbursement as part of their offer letter. Postdocs and host department administrators should refer to Penn Financial Policy 2324 “Reimbursement for Moving Expenses” for further information and guidance.

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