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Penn Postdocs in the News: Christa Mahlobo, Penn Provost Postdoctoral Fellow discusses Mindfulness in a recent iHeart Radio interview

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Christa Mahlobo, Penn Provost Postdoctoral Fellow, discusses Mindfulness and Holistic Approaches to Financial Well-Being in a recent iHeart Radio interview.

iHeart Radio, April 18, 2024
In a recent enlightening interview on iHeart Radio’s Black Millennial Investors – Money Mindfulness Podcast, Christa Mahlobo, Ph.D., Penn Provost Postdoctoral Fellow from Penn’s Positive Psychology Center, delved into the critical topic of “Mindfulness and Holistic Approaches to Financial Well-Being.” Dr. Mahlobo emphasized the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to understanding the well-being of Black Americans, particularly in the face of systemic racism’s emotional and mental impacts.

Highlighting the intersection of financial challenges and resilience, Dr. Mahlobo suggested transformative practices such as gratitude journaling and mindfulness to navigate economic struggles effectively. She encouraged individuals to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, fostering resilience amidst adversity.

Central to the discussion was the significance of community support and the creation of safe spaces for open dialogue about financial difficulties. Dr. Mahlobo emphasized the power of collective sharing, advice-seeking, and emotional solace within supportive communities.

In her own words, Dr. Mahlobo imparted wisdom, stating, “Gratitude can shift your thinking about whatever situation you’re in, and urged listeners to “be like water, adjust to your environment,” emphasizing mindful attention to financial habits and investments.