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Notice of Resignation

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Postdocs are expected to provide at least 20 business days’ notice of resignation provided to both the mentor and the department or school business office. When appropriate to the discipline, it is the obligation of the postdoc to ensure that all research materials and records/databases are left in a state to allow continuation of the project. Records include both hard copies and electronic materials, properly labeled and shared in secure servers as per laboratories/funding source protocols.

Related FAQs

Can postdocs work part-time?

No, postdoc appointments are full time (40 hours per week), based on the expectation that the postdoc will be fully involved in scholarly pursuits. In special cases, upon written request of the appointee and concurrence of the mentor; the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, may grant an exception when the postdoc is unable to make a full-time commitment for reasons of health, family responsibilities, or employment external to Penn. Such a request must take into account extramural funding agency requirements, if any. When a reduced-time appointment has been approved, the mentor and postdoc shall sign an appointment letter specifying the reduction in hours of work, reduction in stipend, and concomitant responsibilities. NOTE: Benefits are based on a postdoc percentage of full-time employment (FTE). A change in FTE may result in a change to benefits.

Can postdocs work remotely?

Generally, no, postdocs are expected to be based primarily in Philadelphia for the full duration of the fellowship period unless the research program requires a remote location. However, the final determination of a postdocs eligibility to work remotely is left to the discretion of their PI and/or Faculty mentor. Postdocs on a J-1 visa, or any other visa are not permitted to be fully remote. Postdocs on a J-1 visa can only participate in remote work two days in a five-day work week. The postdoc and mentor should follow the University Flexible, Hybrid & Remote Work policy as well as their school, department, or center’s policy regarding remote work.

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