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Letter of Appointment

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When a faculty member offers an appointment to a postdoc candidate, a letter should be written to the candidate prior to the commencement of training. This letter should set forth the period of appointment (dates of appointment), the stipend amount, any benefits, and a statement that the candidate’s appointment is subject to all University policies. If the appointment is renewed or extended, that action should be documented by a letter, which includes the aforementioned information. 

The candidate must return a countersigned copy of each letter of appointment or renewal indicating acceptance of the terms set forth. The letters (countersigned copies) and signed agreement or electronic record of the appointment/agreement should be maintained by the office of the appropriate department. If the faculty member is not affiliated with a specific department, the file may be kept in the office of the institute or center with which the faculty member is associated. The letters of appointment and renewal should indicate whether the mentor has available funding to fulfill the terms of the appointment; if not, the letter should indicate the duration of assured funding.