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Penn Postdocs in the News: Dennis Sourvanos Receives ADA Foundation Crest and Oral-B Promising Researcher Award

Sourvanos Dennis Penn Dental Postdoc

Dennis Sourvanos, Penn Postdoctoral Researcher, receives ADA Foundation Crest and Oral-B Promising Researcher Award.

Penn Dental Medicine, November 8, 2023
Dr. Dennis Sourvanos (GD23, DScD’23), an NIDCR postdoctoral trainee at Penn Dental Medicine, is the recipient of the American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation 2023 Crest and Oral-B Promising Researcher Award. This supports Dr. Sourvanos’ multidisciplinary, translational preclinical research, which has developed new investigative avenues in Photobiomodulation light therapy.

Sourvanos’ work, which was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, explores how photobiomodulation can alleviate post-surgical pain and speed up the healing process of wounds after dental procedures.

“Photobiomodulation is an approach that not only aligns with the Penn Dental Medicine commitment to non-invasive patient care but also resonates with the institution’s mission to reduce dependency on opioids,” Sourvanos told Penn Dental Medicine.

As he nears the completion of his postdoctoral training in periodontics and his DScD degree, Sourvanos will continue to serve as a fellow in the NIDCR T90/R90 Postdoctoral Training Program at the Center for Innovation and Precision Dentistry.